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La dernière version de notre logiciel m+p Analyzer 5.2.1

Some outstanding enhancements have been made to our m+p Analyzer software for NVH testing. Check out the most important upgrades in Revision 5.2.1.:

m+p Analyzer Viewer

Our new “m+p Analyzer Viewer” is a free stand-alone tool used to view the content of SOP5 and SOT files. Measurement results and analysis can be shared with colleagues and partners without the need to install or license m+p Analyzer. The Viewer supports 2D and 3D charts as well as animations like ODS and mode shapes. Download m+p Analyzer Viewer here.

Screenshot m+p Analyzer Viewer with charts traces tables
m+p Analyzer Viewer

New Tool for Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS)

The ODS wizard has been replaced by a new ODS tool that simplifies ODS generation and display. New features include

  • ODS from Time Domain Data, Spectra and FRF
  • New ODS extraction methods, line, peak, band
Screenshot showing extracted ODS trace and ODS animation
Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) tool

Audible Guided Modal Analysis

The impact wizard in modal analysis now announces the next nodes that should be measured. The audible guide feature, together with automatic double impact detection and measurement rejections, enables a single user to work through the entire modal analysis process quickly and easily, without the need to look at the PC screen.

Increased Hardware Support

  • Battery status display for m+p VibPilot-E is visible on the m+p Analyzer main screen
  • Support for TMS 485B39 - Digital ICP USB Signal Conditioner (requires DSA-audio license)
  • Support for PCB 633A01 and Digiducer 333D01 - Piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer (requires DSA-audio license)
  • Support for National Instruments NI 9230
ICP USB signal conditioner 2 input channels with USB cable
TMS 485B39 - Digital ICP USB signal conditioner

User Interface Enhancements

  • The calculator was reworked and is now attached to the main tab control
  • The reporting tool allows definition of default chart formats, which may include cursor positions. Standard templates are available.
  • 2D chart content and legend can be moved by mouse click and drag
  • 2D chart may be zoomed with Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • 2D chart saves bmp/jpg/png to current working folder directly
  • The user interface of the configuration save-page has been simplified
  • Improved automatic naming of workspaces in post-processing mode
  • Source panel allows online tuning of source parameters

New Add-ins

Add-ins are small functional tools designed for specific tasks e.g. comparing measurements semi-automatically, batch removing DC-offsets and many more. For an overview of new add-ins go to “Tools” “Add-Ins” “Add-In Info”.

For a demonstration of the new m+p Analyzer software, please contact your local m+p representative.



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