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m+p Analyzer : mesures déclenchées par un évènement et répétées dans le temps

service module in laboratory
Testing of Orion service module in NASA laboratory (Photo courtesy of NASA, USA)

m+p Analyzer offers a large variety of measurement options for online and offline analysis in the time and frequency domain. Additionally, the software has various capabilities when it comes to triggered and repeated measurements.

Triggered measurements allow “watching” a certain measurement channel and only record a measurement when a specified signal level is exceeded. Repeated measurements provide the possibility to monitor long tests without having to record all data completely.

With the data capture and throughput recording software package, m+p Analyzer enables triggered acquisition of data, regularly repeated measurements as well as long-term monitoring of tests and events.

Triggered Measurements

Triggering is useful when very short events or transient signals need to be recorded, e.g. the hammer impacts in modal impact testing. By configuring a trigger channel, you can define acquisition to capture only the data for a short time before and after an event. Different trigger modes allow configuring a feasible trigger for different applications.

Whenever the purpose of triggering is only to start recording of data without the need for precise timing, m+p Analyzer offers the possibility to use a digital input channel exceeding a certain signal level. The digital input channel is available with m+p international hardware (m+p VibPilot, m+p VibRunner and m+p VibMobile).

Repeated Measurements

Repeated measurements are valuable when long tests or events must be monitored without the need of recording all the data completely. For example: A vibration test is running for several hours and it is required to record the spectra of all channels every 10 minutes to monitor the status of the device under test. This task can be easily accomplished using m+p Analyzer’s Sequencing option.

Sequencing is available as an independent feature and can be used in combination with all other setup features and with or without throughput recording. If combined with throughput, you can also monitor long time sequences of a test.

Combining Triggering and Sequencing

Combining both features opens a huge number of possible applications. As an example, you monitor a test over 24 hours using the Sequencing option and record a certain time history for every event exceeding a certain signal level (e.g. shock events) using the Triggering option.

Screenshot blue curves tables
m+p Analyzer mainframe after capturing shock events of 16 s each over 24 hours

Read more in the application note “Event-Triggered and Repeated Measurements Using m+p Analyzer”.




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