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Nouvelle version m+p Analyzer 5.2

Discover the full bundle of new or updated software tools in m+p Analyzer revision 5.2! They will help you get your NVH tests done quickly and precisely.

Enhanced Project Browser

In m+p Analyzer Revision 5.2 you will find our updated project browser offering data comparisons across several projects and providing grouping, filtering as well as sorting functions.

Screenshot showing new project browser structure
New project browser structure

Acquisition Configuration Windows

We have redesigned our Acquisition Configuration windows using the latest software development technologies to make the configuration simpler, more intuitive and faster. Keeping the user interface close to the previous version to simplify navigation through the application.

Improved 2D Chart

The new 2D chart offers online switching between the recorded measurement functions, so that you can monitor all relevant data sets online. The 2D chart capability is not limited to the display of time data. m+p Analyzer’s real-time FFT feature allows for online display of different functions calculated from measurement data.

Reference Traces in 2D Single- and Multi-Chart

Reference traces may be overlaid in the 2D chart to compare previously acquired results to the currently acquired data in real time. Besides showing recorded measurements as a reference, this feature is also useful to display upper and lower limits for measured data in time or frequency domain.

Chart(s) Configurator window with reference trace
Chart(s) Configurator window with reference trace

Template Projects

For increased flexibility and shorter test setup times in recurring test situations, it is now possible to define and import template projects. Define all necessary settings for the frequent test including layout, test setup and test configuration and save these settings to a template project. This template can then be loaded for the next test session which shortens setup times enormously.

Trigger Level Tool for Automatic Adjustment of Trigger Settings

The Trigger Level Tool is a valuable addition for a convenient definition of the trigger level, e.g. in impact tests, as it provides an automatic adjustment of trigger settings.

RPM Extractor

When post-processing data from rotating machinery, the current RPM is required in many applications (e.g. order tracking). If a tacho signal is not available or not accurate, it cannot be used for your evaluations. However, it is possible to extract an RPM signal from your time record data using the m+p Analyzer’s new RPM Extractor.

Screenshot showing chart with time data and chart with 2-Point extraction mode
2-Point extraction mode

Reporting Tool

Once you defined the content and the layout of your regular reports, you can use the Reporting Tool for generating a report with one click from the project’s or workspace’s context menu. This is an easy and convenient way of doing regular reporting on recurrent testing tasks.

Flexible Channel Allocation

This feature allows the usage of any hardware channels in a high-channel count instrument even with a limited number of software channels licensed. This allows e. g. to combine four analog input channels (A810) with four bridge channels (BR810) when the license is limited to eight software channels.

1- and 2-Plane Balancing

Our Balancing Tool helps you to correct unbalances in your rotating machinery in one or two planes by measuring the vibrations and calculating balancing masses to be mounted at certain positions. This operational balancing procedure ensures a long service life of the rotating machine parts concerned.

Screenshot showing trial run for calculating the balancing masses
Trial run for calculating the balancing masses

Customer-Specific Add-Ins

m+p international listens to customers and is eager to meet your specific requirements. Therefore, we have included an add-in functionality to our software. Customer-specific tools can now easily be added.

Empirical Mode Decomposition, Hilbert-Huang Transform for Analysis of Nonlinear Systems

The Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) is part of the new nonlinear signal analysis package for m+p Analyzer. It helps engineers to analyze nonlinear and nonstationary phenomena by performing a time-frequency analysis on an input signal, resulting in a plot of amplitude over frequency and time.

Chart showing typical result of a Hilbert-Huang Transform
Typical result of a Hilbert-Huang Transform

Impedance Tube Testing

Our new optional software package covering impedance tube measurements offers the calculation of important acoustic characteristics of materials such as absorption coefficient, reflection coefficient, acoustic impedance and transmission loss coefficients.

There are many other smaller improvements which will provide you with greater ease of use in daily operation.

The 8-page Update Note gives detailed information on the m+p Analyzer 5.2 enhancements.

Our m+p Analyzer is successfully used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, and by leading test houses and universities worldwide.



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