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Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Monitoring

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Testing Elastomer Mounts in Vehicles up to 3,000 Hz

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E-mobility: Battery Testing

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Whether it's environmental simulation testing on a shaker, dynamic measurements, vibration and sound investigations on site or in the lab, high-channel count data monitoring and testing of elastomer mounts in vehicles. We support you with products and services that meet your highest standards of quality and reliability. Our customers are global players e.g. from the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries as well as independent test houses, universities and research institutes.


Satellite shaker engineer

德国 m+p 国际公司是振动控制的领先供应商,具有近 40 年的振动测试经验:包括正弦、随机、冲击、混合模式、多正弦、时域复现、数据同步跟踪记录、MIMO 和声学控制等。
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Data acquisition man woman manufacturing

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Measurement instrumentation m+p international

德国 m+p 国际公司的精密设备有着最高的性能、可靠性和系统寿命,可以满足您所有的测试挑战:从 4 通道到数千通道,从紧凑压缩的到 19U 机架装配,无论是在现场还是实验室均可使用。
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Dynamic signal analysis car monitor

动态信号分析仪主要用于振动噪声测量、分析和报告生成,满足您在现场和实验室中的所有NVH需求:结构动力学、模态分析、旋转机械分析、声学、FFT 分析和时间历程记录。
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Test stand engineering experienced engineer

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man monitor

m+p 训练有素的服务团队可在最短的时间内提供直接、可靠的支持。我们的服务包括热线支持、定期软件更新、硬件维护、维修以及租赁。查看更多 >>


The installation of several high-frequency m+p international vibration controllers within the Rolls-Royce MTOC has not only helped improve the quality of HCF testing of engine blades and vanes, as well as improve overall test stability and quality, but also ensured the required setup time was considerably reduced.
Swen Ritzmann, Vibration Test Engineer at Rolls-Royce Mechanical Test Operations Centre, Dahlewitz/Germany


m+p always considers customers’ requirements at first priority, doing their best to adapt controllers and design-specific software during co-operation. We also appreciate the quick response and after-sales support.
Levin Sun, Component Test Manager at Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Shanghai/China


We found m+p a capable and experienced engineering partner to develop and realize a state-of-the-art measurement system for our turbomachinery test field. They were able to integrate our existing proven and reliable software package for thermodynamic analysis into their m+p Coda solution and to successfully implement our new highly efficient data acquisition and monitoring system.
Manfred Praus, Manager of Metrology and Electrical Assembly Department at Siemens AG, Duisburg/Germany


We are really satisfied with the m+p VibControl controller for the shaker tests we provide to our customers and the support we get from m+p: Absolutely top!
Gary Delserro, President, Delserro Engineering Solutions, Pennsylvania/USA


Your folks have done a great job converting our software requirements specification into an efficient GUI that addresses our specific needs. We look forward to continue working with m+p as we further refine the Thermo-Man® software package.
Roger Parry, Principle Investigator at DuPont Protection Technologies, Richmond, Virginia/USA


We have used all the available controllers on the market and m+p provides the only integrated hot vib system along with a best-in-class single- and multi-axis controller. m+p truly listens to the customer.
Albert Luo, Director of Dynamics Vibration Testing, Springfield, Illinois/USA


Life safety and security selected m+p as our preferred vibration controller supplier for the intuitive software and competitive pricing. As a UKAS accredited test house, we expect the highest levels of system reliability, stability and support which m+p have successfully delivered with every system.
Andrew Lawson, Laboratory Manager at Intertek, Leatherhead/United Kingdom


m+p is one of our preferred suppliers, we know from our decades-long experience that their products which are used continuously work reliably. The very good service and support are also key to the long-lasting and close co-operation.
Dieter Kremin, Test Engineer, Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, Hildesheim/Germany


Our team are extremely satisfied with the many different applications available within m+p VibControl and m+p Analyzer software. The technical support from training to consultancy to user support and hardware calibration from m+p international is excellent.
Christophe Barthes, manager of the environmental testing department at Continental Automotive, Toulouse/France


The m+p acoustic control system in place at NASA Plum Brook, which can drive all of our reverb chamber’s 36 noise modulators (23 hydraulic type, and 13 electro-pneumatic type), suits our needs very well. I have been relying on the m+p acoustic control system at NASA, and elsewhere, since 2003 and I have always been given attentive and accurate support from the m+p office.
Aron Hozman, Vibroacoustic Test Systems Manager at NASA Glenn Research Center, Sandursky, Ohio/USA