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德国西门子公司利用 m+p Coda 进行涡轮压缩机测试

Siemens, Germany, utilizes m+p international’s Coda solution for continuous data acquisition, data processing and real-time monitoring at their turbo compressor test facility. Coda acquires and verifies the performance data as mechanical and thermodynamical parameters of several compressors tested in parallel for acceptance tests. In addition, vibration data is acquired and analyzed.

Turbo compressor screenshot measurement racks
Measurement and analysis of process data, thermodynamical parameters and vibrations

Parts of the existing data acquisition and processing system formerly used at the Siemens test facility were integrated into the Coda solution. Third-party measurement equipment such as multi-channel pressure scanning systems, mass spectrometers or FFT analyzers can be connected via a communication interface for integration with the Coda data acquisition system. All these instruments are configured within the Coda user interface and all data is analyzed and visualized in the same way – irrespective of the source.

Any combination of up to 24 different sensors can be connected to the signal conditioning devices to measure temperature, pressure, flow, strain, rotation and vibration signals. A single Coda unit acquires up to 168 process signals and 48 vibration signals.

Please read more in our 2-page application note.

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