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Emissions from vehicles do not only come from the exhaust produced by the engine but also evaporate from the rest of the vehicle, mainly the gasoline systems. Gasoline (hydrocarbons) has a significant impact on the environment, it causes summer smog and global climate changes.

The only way to prevent these effects is to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons emitted into the atmosphere drastically. Today this is done in nearly all countries which requires a lot of technical expertise, regulations and testing procedures. Activated carbon canisters are used to pick up the hydrocarbon molecules. A carbon canister is a box of ca. 2 liter volume filled with specially prepared pellets of activated charcoal. The box is connected to the pressure relief outlet of the gasoline tank and adsorbs the gasoline vapor escaping from the tank.

Monitor screenshot
m+p ACON: Easy operation under Windows 10

With m+p ACON, we provide a fully automated canister conditioning and test system that supports standard regulations such as CARB and EPA. It controls and monitors the preconditioning procedure, displays the current state online and records the results in customizable test logs.

Now m+p ACON is also available for gasoline vapor procedures. This means that the activated carbon canister is loaded with butane/nitrogen and gasoline vapor up to full saturation (breakthrough) and purged afterwards. The test verifies the correct functioning of the canister and is mandatory for subsequent evaporative emission measurements in the SHED chamber. The canister can either be removed from the car or stay inside during the preconditioning procedure.

Rack cables measurement instruments
m+p ACON for gasoline vapor handling

Thanks to the modular m+p ACON hardware design, units for standard BWC (butane working capacity) and optional GWC (gasoline working capacity) and ORVR simulation can be housed into a single 19” rack. We use high-precision mass flow controllers from Brooks Instrument in a special low-pressure drop configuration.

three racks scales
m+p ACON stations

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