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Data reduction systems with or without time history recording to throughput disc are frequently used in critical aerospace testing applications where complete measurements of a high number of channels are required for post-test and possible failure analysis. The m+p VibControl data reduction system configurations are tailored to the specific needs of high-performance measurement applications requiring hundreds or thousands of input channels.

The channel count for a vibration test can be increased using the data reduction function.



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m+p Product Guide "Data Reduction and Throughput to Disc"

Online Data Analysis and Reporting

The online analysis and display functions give a fast overview of the results during the test or when stored data are replayed. Advanced data analysis tools include the m+p Analyzer post-processing software for random, sine, shock and acoustic data, providing seamless integration with Microsoft Office products for comprehensive test reporting. Data formats and data plots of the m+p VibControl data reduction systems and vibration controllers are the same allowing for a common reporting environment.

Data Reduction, Time History Recording and Vibration Control in a Single System

With data reduction, time history recording and vibration control running in parallel in one m+p VibControl system, laboratories can reduce their test costs and operator training significantly. m+p VibControl provides a complete solution for qualification and acceptance tests of large spacecraft structures.

Data Reduction (Sine, Random, Transient Capture)

  • Online data reduction for sine/random/transient capture testing
  • Time history recording to throughput disc in parallel with data reduction (option)
  • Instant online results
  • Common hardware platform and user interface with m+p’s vibration control system
  • Post-test tools including file format conversion and data export
  • Common data and plot formats of m+p VibControl data reduction and vibration control systems for transparent test reporting
  • Multi-monitor support enables easy online monitoring of up to 1,280 channels