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A selection of short articles on vibration testing FAQs

The in's and out's of Time Replication (Roadload)
This paper was presented at the SEE Conference October 2004 and looks at the applications and methodology behind the use of time replication techniques for improving product life using real in-service vibration data.
If you have problems reading this document or would like further details please REQUEST a copy.

Analysing measurement uncertainties in the Closed Loop Control chain
This paper was given at the recent SEE conference on New Measurement Uncertainty Guidelines and explains how to build a measurement uncertainty budget for your vibration test set-up. Contact for a complete set of proceedings. Also see uncertainty.xls for an example.

Converting between sine amplitude and PSD
simple conversions, measuring sine amplitudes from PSD and some pitfalls to avoid

Measurement uncertainty budgets  basic definitions, references and a free spreadsheet to download

What is a vibration controller ... and what does it do.