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NVH Sunroof Testing

Noise and vibration tests are essential during design and product development to ensure the reliability, structural integrity and acoustic characteristics, not only of the vehicle, but also its components.

ACS (Advanced Comfort Systems) Group is a global automotive component supplier having sites in Europe, America and Asia. The company manufactures sunshades, sliding windows and sunroofs. These components undergo comprehensive noise and vibration tests in the laboratory, on test tracks and on roads.

Car sunroof climatic chamber
Vibration test in a climatic chamber

At its production and R&D site in Bressuire, France, ACS uses m+p international systems for environmental testing as well as noise and vibration analysis. The facility is equipped with a 10 kN electrodynamic shaker which is controlled by m+p VibControl software and an m+p VibPilot frontend for sine and random testing. Several tests can be automatically sequenced, status exchange with a climatic chamber is also provided. Besides, ACS carries out vibration and durability tests using road load data derived from real-world measurements.

For in-vehicle recordings and noise and vibration analysis, ACS uses m+p international’s SO Analyzer. Comprehensive time and frequency analysis is available with both online and offline data processing. Acoustic testing of the automotive components at ACS also includes sound quality analysis. The sound quality metrics are based on Zwicker loudness according to ISO-532 and DIN-45631 and can be viewed as 2D, 3D or as colour maps (spectrograms) for further detailed assessment.

Read more in the “NVH Sunroof Testing” article, Automotive Testing International magazine, June 2015.

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