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Vibration tests must be safe and reliable and this is especially true for high value specimens in critical aerospace testing applications. Here, m+p Coda offers maximum safety: The independent monitoring system captures and records data such as acceleration, temperature and strain continuously during vibration tests – irrespective of the vibration control system in use. m+p Coda provides all relevant signals from the unit under test and the shaker in a very compact format. Each channel can be configured separately for total flexibility.

Satellite shaker laboratory screenshot
m+p Coda for independent and continuous vibration monitoring

m+p Coda ensures that alarm events triggered by defective sensors or misconfiguration are avoided or can be used to switch off the shaker immediately.

The active channels are clearly displayed in a separate window, out-of-limit data can be seen at a glance. Alarm events are entered into a log file and can be reviewed at any time.

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