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Time History Recording to Throughput Disc

For the most critical tests time history data can be recorded in parallel with vibration control with no reduction in control performance. The real-time throughput data capture function of the m+p VibControl system allows you to record all selected channels continuously in the time domain on the embedded data server (“throughput to disc”) irrespective of the channel count and the frequency range utilized. This means that you can always access all the original data for analysis purposes.

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  • Witnessing an ongoing critical vibration test
  • Replaces 2nd acquisition system

Download Information: Time History Recording

m+p Product Guide "Data Reduction and Throughput to Disc"

Time History Recording for Safe and Efficient Vibration Testing

One method which is still widely used consists of the time data recording of a vibration test to a second measurement acquisition system in parallel with the usual frequency data recording. This results in additional costs for hardware and more complex system operation. Using m+p international‘s throughput function simplifies the process and, in addition, you can easily post-process the recorded time data after the test run. The throughput function can be started and stopped independently of the vibration control process. The time data are analyzed using the data reduction software. Advanced analysis includes FFT calculations and octave analysis of noise data.

Data Reduction, Time History Recording and Vibration Control in a Single System

With throughput data capture, data reduction and vibration control running in parallel in one m+p VibControl system, laboratories can reduce their test costs and operator training significantly. m+p VibControl provides a complete solution for qualification and acceptance tests of large spacecraft structures.

Key Features

Time History Recording (Throughput to Disc)

  • Continuous, gap-free time history recording to throughput disc
  • For all test modes
  • Fully replaces tape recorder
  • Common hardware platform and user interface with m+p VibControl vibration controller minimizes test costs and maximizes test efficiencies
  • Throughput function started/paused/stopped independently from ongoing vibration test
  • Access to all original data for analysis purposes
  • Online signal analysis using m+p VibControl data reduction modes for sine, random and shock tests
  • Advanced analysis functions such as FFT calculations and octave analysis using m+p Analyzer software
  • High sample rates for time domain data storage: up to 32,768 Hz for sine and random and 102.4 kHz for transient capture (per channel)
  • Sample rates independent from frequency range of vibration test