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Nouvelle version 5.3 de m+p Analyzer

We are continuously enhancing our m+p Analyzer software in order to effectively support your vibration measurements and analysis. The software release 5.3 has been refined to meet the specific needs of customers and add value for all users. This release offers a largely extended functionality and a completely redesigned user interface. Check out the many new functions and the design of m+p Analyzer 5.3!

Redesigned User Interface

When you start m+p Analyzer 5.3, you will immediately notice the completely redesigned user interface with its clear and simple icons. This makes the software even more intuitive and easy to use.

Screenshot of the m+p Analyzer toolbar
m+p Analyzer toolbar

Measurement Sequencing

Measurement Sequencing allows acquiring measurement and/or throughput files in regular intervals over long time periods. It is a very convenient way to monitor, for example, long-term tests while tracking the alteration of frequency spectra at control points. The function can also be used for an automatic restart of the measurement system.

Enhanced Shaker Qualification Application

Our proven Shaker Qualification application for acceptance tests and regular shaker qualification tests has been enhanced and enlarged to cover both shaker and controller properties.

Screenshot of a shaker qualification tool window
Shaker Qualification application start window

Simulated m+p Hardware Available

After popular demand, m+p Analyzer now offers the m+p hardware simulation option. It enables you to preconfigure any m+p hardware configuration, set up a test and verify these settings in virtual test runs without physical connection to the real hardware.

Support of NI FieldDAQ Devices

m+p Analyzer now supports the very rugged NI FieldDAQ devices FD-11603, FD-11613, FD-11634, and FD-11637. The water- and dust-resistant devices allow measurements in very harsh environments with dust, rain, sleet, snow or even mud.

Improved Single-Window ODS Tool (Modal Analysis)

Operating deflection shapes are a great tool to analyze the dynamic properties of a structure under operating conditions. They can help engineers to find and solve structural and acoustic problems. We transformed our ODS wizard into a more user-friendly one-window tool.

Screenshot of the m+p Analyzer single-window ODS tool
Single-window ODS tool

Hammer Calibration Tool (Modal Analysis)

The Hammer Calibration Tool provides a convenient way for determining the impact hammer’s sensitivity or re-calibrating it.

Screenshot showing red and blue traces with several peaks
Calibrating the hammer’s sensitivity

Tachos Available with all Measurement Modes (Rotational Analysis)

The new universal tacho function can be used with nearly all measurement modes. It allows acquiring tacho signals from analog input channels or dedicated hardware’s tacho channels and recording the extracted RPMs to store them with recorded measurements.

Screenshot showing four tacho channel traces
Measurement with four tacho channels

Synchronous Spectrum (Rotational Analysis)

In Rotate and Sine Reduction modes, m+p Analyzer 5.3 provides the Synchronous Spectrum function, which computes order spectra in a more accurate way than is achieved using the common spectra with fixed frequency resolution. Resampling the time data based on the current RPM assures the highest quality of order results.

Screenshot showing a synchronous order spectrum
Synchronous order spectrum

There are many other smaller improvements which will provide you with greater ease of use in daily operation.

The 7-page Update Note gives detailed information on the m+p Analyzer 5.3 functionality.




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